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Decorate your beer!!

Great promotional or Party idea!

Hello and thank you visiting Cheap Beer We are a dedicated to keeping Beer Cold through the use of KOOZIE®'s Can Koolers. We unabashedly support and sell Cheap Beer KOOZIE® Can Koolers through this Cheap Beer site. The best in the world.

Cheap Beer Koozies are truly a lot of fun for any event

These are great for any picnic, family reunion, class reunion, birthday party or major holiday. They provide a fun way to commemorate your cool event.

Do you want to see some pretty cool party graphics that you can customize for your insulated beverage cooler. Many of these are really funny. You can put in your name, and date, and your funny saying.

Funny koozie design to use for bachelor or bachelorette party

Cheap Beer rocks

Everybody should have a cabinet full of commemorative products to help them remember some of the best times of their lives.

Here is a video on how easy it is to order Cheap Beer Koozies on our main site Kustom Koozies.


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There are many occasions where favors can be used. Some of the best are weddings, family and class reunions, birthday parties, engagement parties, Christmas Parties, Fourth of July Parties and many more. We realize there are a lot of different options for favors. We think our product is optimum because it is useful, inexpensive, personalized and just plain a log of fun. We try to make the whole process easy on you, the customer. When you order, you get an automatic confirmation of the details of the order, and then you get a proof of what your design looks like on the product. You can then agree that you are happy with it, or tell us you need to make a change. We then print and ship and make sure they arrive on or before your due date. We also allow a number of options as far as the graphic you want. We can take your graphic, or we have 100's of stock graphics you can choose from.
We have a number of screen charge options. A screen charge is the fee to create your design in proper format, and actually create and burn a screen so that we may print your product. This is a multi step process. 1. Thoroughly clean and degrease a screen. 2. Put a film on it. 3. Dry it in a dust free zone. 4. Print your design on a clear paper. 5. Adhere that clear paper to the screen. 6. Burn the image to the screen. 7. Wash out the image. (so ink can go through) 8. Let screen Dry. Then we repeat the process. ALL new orders have a $40.00 screen charge. Exact repeat orders have a $20.00 screen charge as we already have the image ready. Blanks (no printing) have a $0.00 screen charge.


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